Whether you’re with a summer fling or a steady beau, you can keep summer vibes sizzling by spicing up your love life. The warm weather offers up a slew of possibilities to keep things fun in the pleasure department.

Get creative, stay safe, and most importantly, keep things legal. Don’t try stuff in public pools or shared hot tubs! And if things feel too hot, literally too hot and you’re too sweaty to want to touch anyone, get some waterproof sheets and blast that A/C!

1. Get some ice cubes
Run an ice cube over your partner’s body to chill them out and make them hot at the same time.

2. Skinny dip
Know of a private lake or a secluded beach? Consider jumping in naked together. A pool works just as well.

3. Sexy camping session
It’s perfect weather for camping. Whether you pitch a tent in your backyard or secluded woods, take the opportunity to have some heated sex.

4. Sex in a pool
Make sure it’s one you own!

5. The classic: on the beach
A private, secluded shore and a large blanket will keep things steamy and pain-free.