Pleasure and purpose are two driving forces behind happiness. However, sometimes the pursuit of gratification interferes with living a meaningful life. Many of us find happiness in doing whatever feels good; we eat delicious food, watch our favorite TV programs or indulge in whatever activity gives us satisfaction. There is nothing wrong with doing things that make you feel good—unless you are driven mindlessly toward attaining pleasure. There is far more to happiness than pure hedonism; for every bit of pleasure in your life, there ought to be purpose as well.MORE: Happiness, Generosity and PositivityLet’s get real. Late in your life, how will you look back on what you’ve accomplished? Were your days spent thoughtlessly chasing pleasure after pleasure? Or did you live your life contributing to a greater good with a clear and benevolent purpose? If these questions are difficult to answer, don’t despair. There are many ways to add purpose and meaning to your life. In the end, an appropriate balance between occasional self-indulgence and a thoughtful life perspective will make your life very well-lived.Think of others first. It’s not all about you! Ironically, focusing only on your own happiness can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Find the hidden joy in caring for others. You may feel resistant to this idea, thinking that if you don’t care for yourself, nobody will. In truth, you may be most happy when you forget about your own welfare and focus your love and attention on the needs of others. Indeed, volunteering to serve those in need is related to both mental and physical health1. The unique satisfaction of helping others may give you a critical happiness boost.STUDY: Do Good, Feel HappierKnow your motivation. What determines your daily behavior? Are you driven to work for material gain or avoid the disapproval of others? Or are you guided by inner purpose? Ideally, your hobbies, social life and even your career should reflect your true interests and values. Although you may not personally endorse all of your daily commitments and responsibilities, make sure at least one thing you do each day serves a profound purpose in your life. Research shows that you are more likely to reach goals that reflect your interests and principles, compared to goals that reflect the wishes of someone else2. Indeed, identifying the reasons behind our daily behavior can make us happier and more successful.MORE: How to Be Happy: Finding AuthenticityKeep growing. As we age, it’s easy to assume that who we are today is who we will always be. Don’t sell yourself short! There is always more to see, do, and experience. Take the time to learn something new or develop a new skill. For instance, learn some useful phrases in a foreign language or take that yoga class that you’ve been meaning to attend. Let curiosity guide you into new and positive ventures. Also, welcome change as an opportunity to grow. Having a steady daily routine is nice, but if your life becomes too stagnant or boring, you will not be satisfied with it.QUIZ: Measure Your HappinessThere is nothing wrong with feeling good and doing things that give you pleasure. The key is to balance this pleasure with a clear sense of purpose in your life. Without a clear and thoughtful approach to life, we miss out on an enduring and satisfying sense of peace and serenity3. Strike a balance between pleasure and purpose—it can fundamentally change your life perspective and open an entirely new chapter of your happiness journey.