If you’re a pancake fan, you know that it’s hard to recreate those delicious restaurant pancakes at home. You have probably tried searching for tricks and recipes online to recreate perfect, fluffy pancakes. Well, today is your lucky day because we are going to share with you the secret to delicious, fluffy pancakes. Even better, this trick is foolproof and works with any pancake recipe, whether it is homemade or from a box.

Common Tips for Fluffy Pancakes

Here are some of the most common tips you will see listed to create fluffy pancakes:

  • Use real buttermilk
  • Let the mixture sit out for a while, or put it in the fridge
  • Add sugar to the mix
  • Leave lumps in the batter
  • Only flip once, after seeing bubbles form on the top of the pancake

These are all great tips, and you can use all of them, plus the number one secret shared below to make perfect pancakes all of the time.

Gather Your Supplies

Before making the best and fluffiest pancakes ever, you need some important supplies. Gather your supplies before starting:

  • Two bowls
  • Electric mixer, can be a hand mixer or a stand mixer
  • Ingredients or premade mix
  • Wooden spoon or rubber scraper
  • Butter for frying pancakes
  • Frying pan or griddle
  • Spatula to flip pancakes

The Secret You’ve Been Waiting For

Okay, so now let’s get down to business. This is actually a very simple trick that will work to create the best pancakes you’ve ever eaten at home. Separate your eggs into the two bowls. Beat your egg whites until stiff, like a meringue. Once your other ingredients are mixed together, fold the egg whites into the batter with your wooden spoon or rubber scraper. Now grill your pancakes!

What if Your Recipe Doesn’t Call for Eggs?

If you are using a mix, or a recipe without eggs, you can still use this trick. Before you add the required liquid, whether it is milk, water or buttermilk, add the egg yolks from your separated eggs. Mix the batter, and then add enough liquid to make your batter the desired consistency. Now fold in your egg whites, and you’re on your way!

Try this simple trick the next time you make pancakes and watch your family drool over the results! Even better, it works for waffles too. Now that’s what you call multi-tasking.