The holidays are coming up, and the fall season is the perfect time to spend with family and friends. We’re rounding up some tasty punch recipes that are a real crowd-pleaser.

Thanksgiving Punch

This recipe is loaded in flavor, yet it’s simple and easy to make. Plus, you can pre-make it and leave a big bowl out so your guests can serve themselves while you entertain!

1 gallon of apple cider
48 oz ginger ale
1 red apple, thinly sliced
1 green apple, thinly sliced
1 navel orange, sliced
4 cinnamon sticks
1 cup frozen cranberries
1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice
Cocktail Options: use only 24 oz of ginger ale and add a bottle of champagne or prosecco, keep the rest of the ingredients the same.

In a 2-gallon drink container, add 2 cups of apple cider.
Whisk in pumpkin spice until all lumps are gone.
Add the remaining ingredients and stir.
Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.
Keep in the fridge for up to 4 days in an airtight container.

Autumn Harvest Punch

This recipe uses seasonal fresh fruit, and the rosemary to add a delicious and deep flavor.

3 cups lemonade
5 cups apple cider
1 cup of orange juice
5 cups sparkling water
¼ cup maple syrup
Rosemary springs
3 apples
1 orange
3 peaches

In a tall jar mix the apple cider with lemonade and orange juice. Set aside.
Slice apples, peaches, and orange, then add to the jar.
Mix in the maple syrup and add rosemary springs.
Chill in the fridge for 2 hours.
Add the sparkling water and serve cold.

Spicy Pear Punch

This delicious three-ingredient punch recipe is simple and absolutely delicious.

3 cups pear nectar
2 cups ginger beer
Juice of 1 lemon
Garnish: rosemary, cranberries, pear slices, cinnamon sticks

Mix pear nectar, lemon juice, and ginger beer.
Refrigerate for 3 hours.
Serve over ice.