New York City might be the hotspot of brunch. Walk to the corner of any area of NYC, and you’re bound to find a super aesthetic cafe with avocado toast and matcha lattes galore. There’s a brunch place in NYC for everyone out there, no matter your taste buds. So put on your cutest brunch outfit and head to NYC to try out one of these places, because well, there’s no place better to brunch than New York City:

Llama San

Located in Greenwich Village, Llama San is not only a super aesthetic restaurant- the food is, too. The menu is unique yet delicious, featuring dishes like a shrimp and potato frittata and a curry egg hash brown plate. Llama San is quickly becoming a hot brunch spot, so get there ASAP.


Bathhouse is making a name for itself in the brunch world for many reasons, one of which being that it’s located inside an actual bathhouse. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Bathhouse features a variety of brunch fare, mostly including meat. So calling all meat lovers: if you’re looking for a duck confit sandwich for brunch, head over to Bathhouse.

The Deco Food + Drink

A food hall is the ideal brunch spot because there’s going to be something for everyone. Although you can’t head here for Sunday brunch, every other day of the week, you can pick your choice of Afghan comfort food to delicious Mexican meals to freshly baked French goods

Essex Pearl

Formerly a seafood restaurant, Essex Pearl recently added a brunch menu. The menu features everything from more traditional brunch fare like pancakes to more interesting, seafood-inspired dishes like Malaysian shrimp and grits and bacon and egg pad thai.


This East Village located brunch spot came from the owners of Ruffian, a wine bar and restaurant. Kindred’s brunch menu combines breakfast and lunch perfectly, with dishes like red lentil hash browns, but also adult mac & cheese made with cavatelli and chickpea.