Yes, you read the headline correctly. The video you’ll see below features topless people. Getting tasered. Really. Watch. 

Photographer Patrick Hall, who’s also co-founder of the photography website and community Fstoppers, filmed the reactions of volunteers as they got tazed with a handheld stun gun. “As a portrait photographer, I am always trying to make people feel comfortable in front of my camera so I can capture a real emotion from them,” Hall penned on Fstoppers. “But what if I was able to make people feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera that I could guarantee an interesting portrait every time?”

What you don’t see in the video above is the fact that each victim was actually tazed by their significant other or good friend. Luckily, this too was captured on video. “The person getting tazed was almost always nervous and jittery with either a sense of fear or anxiety,” said Hall. But the participants doing the tazing had a different demeanor altogether. “Most of them were excited to cause pain to their friend and only showed remorse immediately after executing the shock.”

This is our favorite part, the looks of anticipation and dread on different faces. You can see a slow motion edit of both people’s reactions in this video:

When he’s not tasering people, photographer Patrick Hall shoots, among other things, weddings. If you’re in the market, perhaps you should hire him for the most interesting nuptuals, um, ever. 

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