Albert Einstein slept 10 hours a day, and that’s pretty genius. Studies continue to show that getting enough sleep not only promotes healthy brain functioning but enables the body to repair itself from everyday stressors. Unfortunately, Americans overall continue to get less than 8 hours of sleep a night, contributing to chronic sleep deprivation.

While more of us might want to spend more time snoozing in bed, modern day living continues to interfere with restful sleep. Your bedroom environment might need an overhaul.

Read on for some quick design overhauls to help you sleep longer.

1. Regulate the light
Get some blackout shades for your bedroom and an alarm clock that wakes you up by simulating a sunrise. You’re not a farmer (most likely), so you don’t need to rise with the sun. Make your bedroom dark with the blackout curtains, so you’re less likely to wake up from any nighttime light from the outside. This is especially important if you’re a city dweller. Set your light lamp to wake you up with your alarm clock.

2. Choose comfortable linen
If you get overheated at night, choose cooling linens. You should keep your thermostat lower overnight. If it’s chilly in your room or it’s winter, get a woolen underlay and breathable heavier blends.

3. Declutter your space
Keeping your bedroom free of clutter will prevent your mind from racing about various things throughout the room. You need this space to be neutral so don’t overload it with decor that doesn’t relax you.

4. Get a sound machine
If you’re a light sleeper, get in the habit of falling asleep with some soothing sound machine noises. They’ll help drown out unwanted noise and get your breathing under control as you slumber off.