You’ve probably gone your entire life doing your skincare routine before or after a workout. Until one day the topic comes up in conversation, and someone tells you you’re doing it completely wrong. Everything that you have been doing was apparently incorrect, and now you’re supposed to change up your entire skincare routine?

Are you supposed to do your skincare routine before or after your workout? Here is what we have found out, so next time someone tells you you’re doing it wrong, you can tell them the truth.

Skincare and working out is a complex combination of tasks. Some people argue that doing your entire skincare routine before your workout is ideal. While others say that it’s pointless because you’ll sweat all the products out while you workout. The answer of which is better depends on when in the day you exercise.

The products you apply to your face will work the best if they are put on clean skin and can stay on for the most extended amount of time. Also, after your workout, there is more blood supplied to your face, so the products can absorb and work even more thoroughly.

So, long story short- doing your skincare routine after you workout is ideal, because your skin has the full day to absorb the products you’re applying. However, depending on when you exercise, doing your skincare after is not practical. If you workout straight from work or after a full day, it’s unrealistic you won’t do your skincare routine in the morning. If that is the case, make sure you properly cleanse your face after the workout to clean off any sweat and then do your full skincare routine at night.

However, if time isn’t an issue for you- we suggest washing your face with a simple cleanser before your workout and then doing your whole skincare routine afterward.