Don’t lie to yourself- everyone loves a good kissing scene. Kissing scenes in movies can be steamy, romantic, cringey, and everything in between. Regardless of what it is, kissing scenes are some of the best parts of watching a movie.

There’s a reason why kissing scenes are often the most memorable parts of a movie (ahem, The Notebook rain scene)- people love them. Here are some of our favorite kissing scenes from movies, just in case you’re feeling extra sappy:

10Pretty Woman

A classic film with a love story twist. These star crossed lovers make for a great kissing scene.


Ok, we know it’s weird that they’re step-siblings- but the kiss is cute regardless.

8Call Me By Your Name

You can feel the passion with the first kiss between these two new lovers.

7The Notebook

Everyone’s go-to favorite kissing scene is the rain scene with Allie and Noah.

6Fifty Shades of Grey

This movie screams steamy make-out sessions.

5Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore’s first kiss in this movie is obviously going to make the list.


Even though we all know there was room for Jack on the door, Rose and Jack’s kissing scenes are still adorable.

3Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Again, kissing scenes in the rain are the best.

2When Harry Met Sally

I mean, c’mon, two friends finally admitting their love for one another? What can top that?


The first kiss shared between these two classmates who are both struggling with their sexualities is a memorable one.