Ebay recently took on a project near and dear to our heart—finding out what makes people feel beautiful. They asked 80 random people in New York City and Seattle representing a cross-section of humanity and the results are truly inspiring.What struck us as so profound is that whether female or male, young or old, and within a diverse array of skin, hair, and eye colors, everyone understands that beauty come from within. Even when giving props to the power of makeup, it’s not the lipstick or hairstyle that creates beauty—it’s the confidence and self-assurance that comes with putting your best face forward.See 15 of our favorite portraits below, and visit Ebay Fashion to learn more.

Photo: Allison Luntz”I just like to wear really good perfume. I guess it makes me feel…elegant. Something sophisticated and smooth—that makes me feel amazing.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”Expression: both self-expression, which makes me feel really content and at peace with who I am, and being present simply for the expression of others. Whether that’s through art, or just good conversation, or eating a special meal someone has cooked—it could be anything. It’s in the communion of spirits and that makes me feel beautiful as I’m in the presence of the beauty of others.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”Getting all dolled up and taking the time to look your best—like I am now! I’m just going out now, with some friends, so I’ve got this dress on and this jewelry I really love. That definitely makes me feel beautiful.”
Photo: Viola Gaskell”Whatever is going on in my head makes me feel beautiful.”
Photo: Viola GaskellHim: “Acceptance of weirdness makes me feel beautiful.” Her: “Brushing my teeth makes me feel beautiful.”
Photo: Viola Gaskell”The thing that makes me feel beautiful is my contour and my heels. A girl always feels pretty with a contour and some heels.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”When I get to spend time doing something that I want to do, rather than something I’m asked to do—spending my time the way I choose, and that freedom to decide for myself.”
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Photo: Viola Gaskell”Externally, accessories make me feel beautiful, like this hat and glasses.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”I guess I would say meditating is something that makes me feel beautiful, and centered. I just feel more happy when I’ve had that time to focus inwards. And I think that’s it—when I feel happy like that, about myself, that’s when I feel most beautiful.”
Photo: Viola Gaskell”My wife makes me feel beautiful. My beautiful wife, every day.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”I’m taking this class this semester called ‘Form and Pleasure’ and it’s about why we find objects appealling, visually. It’s sort of like philosophy of aesthetics, and this really reminds me of that. I think that things aren’t necessarily beautiful on their own, but it’s what we read into them. We fill them with our own experiences and perspectives, and that’s what makes something beautiful.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”A nice sunny day like this, hanging out with my dog. I rescued him from a kill shelter—he makes me feel happy, me makes me feel good about myself.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”Color. Both to wear and also in the world around me. I just adore color! Seeing the street life in a city like this, it’s so full of color—bright buses that drive by, all the buildings and signs and action, and just people-watching. I look at different sorts of people and how they adorn themselves to feel pretty. How interesting is that.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”Being appreciated for something that you do—that makes me feel beautiful. It really makes you feel valued, and for the right reasons. So to me, that’s one of the best feelings—more than any material thing could give me.”
Photo: Allison Luntz”I think happiness—that’s the key to feeling beautiful. I’m always smiling, and I love to laugh. Trying to stay positive makes me feel really content with my life, and how could you not feel beautiful then?”