It is just hard to look and feel beautiful when you’re angry with someone. The snarl on your face just isn’t that attractive. Plus, the seething anger makes your movements fast and jerky. It just isn’t a good look.The people in your life can often cause a lot of anger. Your partner forgets to take out the trash…again. Your mother says something about your weight…again. Your best friend says something behind your back to a mutual friend. It can be easy to nurse a grudge through the whole day.RESEARCH: Conscientious Lovers Are More CaringSometimes, of course, somebody in your life does something that really ought to make you angry. But, there is another factor that kicks in that can make it worse.Psychologists have long known that when you think about your own behavior, you often focus on how the situation you are in affects what you do and say. You might snap at a colleague at work, and then realize that you had a stressful morning with your children and took it out on your colleague. You’re not typically a person who yells at other people, but after the frustration of the morning you just couldn’t help yourself.However, when you think about other people’s behavior, you assume that their behavior comes from some deep part of their character rather than from the situation. So, if a colleague at work snaps at you, that’s because they are mean, and not because of something that happened to them earlier in the day.This tendency to blame other people for their actions, but to blame the situation for your own actions is called the fundamental attribution error.It is much easier to be angry at someone if the reason they did something wrong to you was because of who they are rather than the situation that they were in.MORE: Bust a Bad MoodIf you want to find ways to calm yourself, then start to focus on other people’s situations. When you find yourself getting angry at someone, think about what is going on their lives. What might have caused them to act as they did?Now it isn’t that you shouldn’t be hurt if someone does something mean, nasty or forgetful. And you should try to avoid those people who consistently do things that aren’t nice. But, it is easier to let your anger dissipate when you think about the many factors that affect people’s behavior.After you let go of your anger, your beauty has an easier time shining through.