Why does everything have to be so hard? You might ask yourself this question all the time, after your latest trip to the car mechanic or when you receive yet another bill that is due all too soon.Although it’s easy to tell yourself that life is too hard, you have a much better alternative: Embrace the difficulty and find the positivity in it. Below are three ways to see the upside of life’s downsides.1. Daily challenges can make you stronger and more resilient.For many people, chronic stress and anxiety do not stem from one major traumatic event. Instead, it can be the little daily annoyances that chip away at your sanity, piece by piece. However, you can choose to believe that life’s daily challenges make you stronger.MORE: What You Can Learn from the Hunger GamesBy proving every day that you are capable of handling numerous bite-sized stresses, you give yourself reason to be confident in your ability to handle things in the future, no matter what comes your way. You may wish that every day could be free of stress, but how could you build resilience if every day felt like a vacation at a tropical resort?To be sure, minimizing stress in your life is essential to feeling happy and content. However, daily challenges serve their purpose and should be seen as a necessary part of your pursuit of happiness, not an impediment to it.2. Hard times can always teach you something.Refuse to believe that your suffering is pointless! Adversity always has something to teach you. At the very least, going through a difficult time will help give you perspective and appreciation for when things start to get better. Indeed, the only way to see the faintest rays of light is by being in complete darkness.Although it may seem impossible, consider how you can use your most difficult experiences to help others. Instead of letting your pain go to waste, think about how you might be able to console other people going through a similar experience or how you may be able to help others by sharing how you managed to persevere through such difficulty.3. Things can turn around at any moment.If you find yourself on a streak of bad luck, it’s easy to believe that things will never change. However, things can and will be different the sooner you adopt a positive attitude. Think about it: If you go about your day in a terrible mood, believing that life will always be hard, you are blinding yourself to the blessings and opportunities that come your way. Living the same day with a positive attitude can open you up to an entirely different world.QUIZ: Do You Think You Have Bad Luck?We all know that life is hard. The question is: What are you going to do about it?By choosing to believe that you can benefit and learn from life’s difficulties, you will see the downsides of your daily life in a completely different way. By refusing to accept that your fortune is a roll of the dice and embracing a positive attitude, your luck may turn around far more quickly than usual.So live today ready for a challenge, because one is coming your way, whether you like it or not. When the challenge arrives, will you wonder yet again why life has to be so hard? Or, will you eagerly pursue this opportunity to learn, grow and help others? The choice is yours to make.