Beautiful is a feeling. It’s that moment when everything just feels incredibly right: You’re confident in your body, you’re giddy in love with the world, you’re glowing from the inside out, and your hair looks damn good, too. That moment when you’re radiant, you’re floating, you’re effortless. We want to make every moment—or as many as humanly possible—that moment.But beauty in the real world isn’t effortless; it’s work. We get lazy with ourselves and in our relationships. We forget to wash our faces at night. We eat like crap, sweat the small stuff and get stuck in a rut. That’s where YouBeauty comes in. We cut out all the noise and deliver you only trustworthy info that matters. Our science-backed quizzes, articles and original research arm you with tools to become, and maintain, your best self.We want to amplify what makes you, you—your personality, your eye color, your hair type, your freckles, your talents—so that every day, you’re yourself in technicolor, or the Instagram 1977 filter, or however you see that fantasy version of yourself. (For us, it’s running down a beach, in a romper, holding balloons, obvs!)We want to help you make every moment that moment, to make beauty not fleeting, but a constant in your life.YouBeauty’s redesign has been months in the making. We labored over mountains of user-experience research, design inspirations, color theory and functionality studies to find the best way to present our science-based articles, quizzes and galleries to you. We believe a beautiful outside comes from a beautiful inside, so we dug deep to prepare for our major makeover. Here’s what we’ve got:New Look and Logo:  Beautiful means confident, smart and healthy. We designed our new logo to exude these values, celebrating those individual quirks that make us beautiful, with a color-pop beauty mark dressing up our name and woven throughout our site. We’ve also lightened up, with fresh new colors and fonts, and a focus on big, gorgeous images.Beauty Intel™:  YouBeauty is a unique space where information travels both ways. We bring you the latest in beauty and health, and you teach us what matters most to the women we strive to serve. Over the past two years you’ve taught us so much about yourselves by taking over two million quizzes. We’re now beginning to explore our collective research (totally anonomously, of course) to smarten the conversation on how women relate to and are affected by beauty and wellness. You’ll see colorful graphs, stats and infographics scattered throughout the site, and our Beauty Intel special section featuring the statistics we found most interesting from our 50 million answered questions.Addictive Quiz Tickers: Our quizzes are kind of a thing. How many YouBeauty quizzes are being taken? We thought it would be fun to see. Now, you can track exactly how many women are evolving their beauty, with our new quiz ticker on the homepage and throughout the site. Click on the Take a Quiz box and the entire site will push over to reveal our quizzes, without leaving the page you’re on.Better Social-izing: Our redesigned social module allows readers and our over 300,000 social followers to easily follow YouBeauty, and our new Pinterest module allows them to see what’s being pinned in real time. Each category landing page houses its own unique Pinterest board featuring customized pins on each topic.Discover Our Stories—Easily! We’ve added many new ways to find our content. Scroll down the homepage to see our recent stories, classic features and regular expert columns. See our Daily Aha, take our survey of the day, and see our featured news with our site-wide Latest Article module at the bottom of each page. In each category section, use the Load More Stories button to discover as many features as you’d like, right there on the page. And in our easier-to-navigate navigation at the top of each page, use the section dropdowns to see quizzes, articles, galleries and expert columns.Discussion Thought Bubbles: See what’s being discussed in YouTalk, the YouBeauty community. Look for thought bubbles across the site (they’re bright and colorful—just like the conversations they quote from) and click through to add your two cents.Expert Flip Cards: Our “Featured Expert” module features a new, first to the beauty market, flip technology. When you scroll over each expert’s card on the bottom of the homepage, it will flip over to reveal his or her most recent column.This is only the beginning. Just like our real life selves, YouBeauty is a work in progress. We’re constantly striving to improve, and in the coming months you’ll see more exciting changes, including a better quiz experience and more for you on your profile page. We’d love to know what you think of all this. Leave a comment below or start a thread in our YouTalk community.In the meantime, feel gorgeous. Live life. Run down that beautiful beach—we’ll bring the balloons.Check out our Beauty Intel special issue