Summer is a great season. The sun, the glow, the beaches, everything screams fiesta. Unfortunately, we have to put the bikinis away and start preparing for those PSLs and pies.

Just like creatures like birds and squirrels collect their food in the fall and store it for the winter seasons, so must you gather up your rakes and get yourself prepped for the cold. This is a checklist that’ll help you prepare your home for fall.

Take care of your lawn

If you have a garden or a lawn in your home, you should fertilize it before winter hits. Not only will your plants and grasses grow better during the fall season, but it also creates a foundation for renewed growth before the winter snow. Doing this will also protect your lawn in the snow and help it recuperate when spring arrives.

Bring in your outdoor furniture

As much as it is called ‘outdoor’ furniture, you shouldn’t test its longevity by leaving pieces out to face the incoming snowstorms. From the chairs to the outdoor gardens and sheds. If you don’t want to start over in the spring, you’ll need to disassemble all of it and store it in a garage or anywhere it can be safe and dry.

Check the gutters

Often as the water drains from your roof, it accumulates debris, leaves, and other materials in its gutters. This fall, clear all the clogged gutters to prevent the water from getting into your walls and costing you more money. If they need replacement, do it before winter comes.

Test run your equipment

From leaf blowers to snowblowers, test run your equipment to be sure which one needs servicing, repair, or replacement. This way you’re not caught off guard when you need something.

As a new season approaches, it’s imperative to make the necessary preparation for it. Make sure to do a full sweep of the entire house, checking everything from your windows to any caulking that needs replacement before you hang those wreaths and decorations. Decorating the house is fun, but not when the essentials aren’t taken care of first.