We are all obsessed with fashion and looking our best. It’s one of the reasons you’re probably reading this article (and why I’m writing it). Still, if you want to be the most stylish version of yourself, it’s essential to have a few habits for always being your most stylish self!

Here are six simple secrets of stylish people that always keep them looking fabulous.

They know their style

This one may sound a bit tricky. It’s quite an easy thing to perfect. We’ve lived with our body and self-esteem our entire lives, and I bet you’ve tried a lot of different styles over the years. We all remember that middle school phase. So by now, you probably know what looks good and what doesn’t. You’re most likely aware of what color compliments your skin and your body type.

Every stylish individual has gone through that same exploration phase, and they figured out what fits them best. I mean Anna Wintour, for example, has kept the same iconic bob for decades, and she’s one of the most stylish people on earth!

So don’t be afraid to know your style and stick to it.

They invest in basic pieces

Investing in some exquisite pieces is so important, from a basic white T-shirt to a leather jacket. These centerpieces can make the whole outfit complete, and they never go out of style.

Create a simple capsule wardrobe filled with basic functional pieces that perfectly match your body and your personality. Include a good quality bag, good jeans, T-shirts, coats, jackets, and sunglasses. Remember to choose everything you feel good and confident wearing.

They are not controlled by fashion

Most stylish people I know and the most inspiring ones never get controlled by fashion or new designs. They stay authentic to themselves and don’t dive in every single fashion craze they see online or on fashion shows. It’s important to know what’s new and what’s on-trend, but the hardest part is staying true to your style. That’ what makes a person very stylish in the first place.

They don’t dress to be on trend

In today’s style-obsessed world, everyone claims to have the best style. Still, the mistake most people make is copying the exact outfit they saw on social media, thinking it will look just as good on them. We all spend most of our day stalking photos on Instagram for inspiration. This secret is to look for inspiration to enhance your look but not to copy someone else’s vibes because it just might end up being a disaster.

They are not afraid of new things

Yes, it’s incredibly crucial to know your style and what looks good on you. It even makes shopping more relaxed and fun. But none of that means that you should be afraid to try new patterns or new colors. When you go shopping, don’t go strictly for the things you usually wear. Expand your horizon a little further and try new and wild pieces even if they seem a bit intimidating. Try them on and enjoy your body doing so. You’d be surprised at how good you will look in ANYTHING if you add some confidence to the mix.

They plan ahead

This last habit may not be so strange. Still, most stylists and fashion icons do admit to planning their outfits ahead of time. Some take their time picking out their outfits the night before instead of on the spot. Others envision different outfits in their heads all day long. It ends up saving you a lot of time in the morning, and you step up looking like a runway model.