In this day and age, there are about a thousand different colloquialisms exposed to both the younger and older generations. A lot of them have to do with sexual orientation or preferences. People are different, and as such, there is a great diversity in what one person brands as attractive to what another person would. That being said, sapiosexuality may seem like an ambiguous word, but it is a form of sexual preference you can now add to your dictionary.

Who is a sapiosexual?

In simple terms, this is an individual who finds the complexity of another person’s mind or intelligence to be attractive or even arousing. These are people who are basically turned on by the brain and one’s ability to wield its powers. It can also be one’s desire to be involved with or associated with intellectuals regardless of their fields. In essence, the intellectual synergy in either party incites a relationship for a sapiosexual. However, it’s not like intelligence is the only feature these individuals seek in a potential partner, but for them, it happens to be the most important one.

Sapiosexuals are sexually or mentally stimulated by the way a person thinks and how his/her mind works. They are individuals that cherish the mind of another individual and base their involvement with them on it. Sapiosexuals are mostly seen in the company of smart students, professors, librarians, teachers, or Nobel Prize winners as icing on the cake. This is just a preference, and it’s nothing alarming or worthy of ridicule. Just as some women prefer men that are athletic, and some men prefer women that look like models, sapiosexuals prefer individuals with a vibrant mind.

To be sapiosexual means to be physically aroused or stimulated by intelligence. Someone with an intellectual approach or perception about diverse topics or events in the world is very attractive to a sapiosexual regardless of the person’s looks, his/her nationality, or even sexual orientation. Sapiosexuals do not have to be intellects on their own, but a lot of them do have an insatiable curiosity.