Looking for ideas to surprise that special someone?

Sometimes it can be tricky to come up with cool and thoughtful ideas for a guy who has pretty much everything. You’d want your gift to be unique, personalized, and to resonate with his personality. So we compiled a list of the best gift that every guy will love!

Personalized leather wallet

Either for his birthday or as a holiday gift, getting a customized leather wallet is such a cool idea. A leather wallet looks stylish and rustic. Plus, it’s something he will be using every day! And it’s pretty much the perfect subtle way always to be reminded of you every time he pulls his wallet out. Unique and thoughtful, right?

Duffle bag with hidden shoe storage

If he’s the traveling type or a workout fan, a duffle bag with a hidden shoe compartment is a must-have. Try to personalize with a monogram on the bag. It’ll keep clothes and shoes separate and still looking incredibly stylish and cool.

Engraved wood watch

I’ve always been a fan of wood and leather watches. They are unique and can be easily personalized. Everything about them screams casual and trendy. It is also extremely durable and designed to last! Don’t forget to leave a sweet engraved message at the bottom to make it even more special.

5-minute breakfast sandwich maker

We probably all know that one guy in our lives who is obsessed with bacon sandwiches in the morning. A super easy breakfast sandwich maker that only takes 5 minutes to make his favorite (and most important) meal while tasting delicious is bound to be a fan-fave.

Survival credit card

A credit card-sized survival tool that has pretty much endless uses all in one tiny package. From a bottle opener, ruler, or even a knife, a dependable handyman, and survival tool all in his pocket!

Workout bottle with built-in phone compartment

If there’s one thing most people would want to change at the gym, it would be to manage to hold all our belongings like phone, cards, ID, and a water bottle. Luckily, there’s an awesome gadget that will make his life so much easier. A cool and durable water bottle has a special compartment to store all your belongings and have all the other guys envious at the gym!

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

We all love to jam out to our favorite songs in the shower, but changing songs or volume can be challenging. Get him a portable speaker! They connect to the Bluetooth on your phone, and most are waterproof.


Good quality headphones are never a bad idea! Perfect for a gamer, a music fan, or a guy who likes to work while listening to his favorite hits. Noise-canceling headphones are a great present that’s always going to be a success!

Portable charger

We all hate being stuck with a phone on a low battery, so having a portable charger or power bank is never a bad idea! They are lightweight and easy to carry around everywhere. Maybe they will keep it in their car or perhaps in their new duffle bag?

Gentleman’s gift set

Customize a classic gift set packed with super fancy accessories like a money clip, tie clip, and cuff links, in even a very cool engraved wooden box. This is something he will use over and over on many occasions. Did I mention that it’s an absolute classic?