If you’re spending this summer with someone you love, everything feels right. The weather is beautiful, it stays light out until 9 pm, and the opportunities feel limitless. The summer is the time to go an adventure, try out fun, outside dates, and grow closer to your significant other. If you’re looking to broaden your horizon and explore with your loved one, here is a summer bucket list that couples will go crazy for:

1. Go stargazing
All you need is a car, a blanket, and your beau.

2. Take a cocktail making class
The perfect date and a way to figure out how to make summer cocktails.

3. Watch the sunset
Nothing is more romantic than a good sunset, right?

4. Have a picnic
Grab your favorite food and your love, and you’ll have the perfect night.

5. Get a hotel room for a night
Nothing’s more exciting than switching up your room for a night!

6. Take a dancing class together
Because dancing is oh so romantic.

7. Make dinner together
Perfect time to get creative!

8. Go to a carnival
The ideal time to win those carnival games.

9. Go on a boat ride
A perfect date to see some scenery.

10. Take a painting class
Sip and paint classes are a super cute date idea to change it up!