Breaking up may be hard to do, but sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. Actually, most times it’s for your own good. It may not feel like it in the moment, and it can be really hard to let go. But, if any of the 11 reasons listed below were going on, you’re far better now than you were then. Take a look a these reasons you should be feeling good about breaking up.

#1 – When you reminisce on your relationship. the bad memories show up first.

#2 – You always admired other people’s relationships more than yours.

#3 – Both of you had major jealousy issues.

#4 – They made you feel bad about the things that you like.

#5 – The two of you always competed for superiority.

#6 – One or both of you always talked about how you missed how the other one “used to be”.

#7 – You felt like you had to hide something about yourself because they wouldn’t approve.

#8 – The smallest arguments turned into massive blow outs.

#9 – The two of you had double standards. There was something one could do that the other one couldn’t do.

#10 – One of you always threatened to end the relationship.

#11 – You worried more about your future than you were excited about it.

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