We often feel the need to share everything about our lives on social media. It can be tempting to brag with your relationship and to post about every little milestone you reach; however, seriously consider keeping your relationship private. Here are five benefits of keeping your relationship to yourselves and away from social media.

You Dont Need The Approval From Others

People only post the best moments from their relationship on social media. You are posting the photo for other people to see, and you are letting them know what your relationship is like. However, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone and don’t have a reason to showcase your relationship in the best light to the rest of the world. You need not care about their opinion.

You Let People See More Than You Should

When you post about your relationship on social media, you are letting people into your private life. We often forget that not only the people that like us see our profiles. There is no need to release information on your relationship to the world. Some things simply should be kept private.

You Dont Have To Delete Photos If You Break Up

We all know how it goes, it’s all smiles and love until you break up and you are stuck with dozens of pictures of you as a couple on your profile you don’t know what to do about. It feels wrong to keep them up, yet it feels wrong to delete them as they represent a part of your life you once enjoyed. If you didn’t post anything about the relationship in the first place, you wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff.

You Invite Unwanted Comments

By sharing information about your relationship online, you will invite all kinds of comments into your life. Sure, some of them will be positive, but some of them won’t, and soon you will begin to question everything in your relationship. Without giving people excessive information, they will be less likely to meddle into your relationship.

Dont Live In an Illusion

Social media can make you live in an illusion that your relationship is perfect. Seeing pictures where everything is excellent can make you focus only on the good moments and ignore the real issues you might be facing.