Finding a friend can be difficult, especially if you’ve just moved to a new location where no one knows you and the town’s dynamics are different from what you’re used to. Rather than staying secluded, you can use any of these friend-finding apps to make new friends in the area. Apps have come a long way, and not only is it not creepy, but it’s also totally safe. Your new BFF is just a click away.

Bumble BFF

This is an extension of the Bumble dating app, but rather than a love interest, the Bumble BFF matches you with a potential BFF based on the information in your profile. Just add some photos, your interests, and get ready to be matched. The best part is that after a match, either party can make the first move to start a conversation. The Bumble BFF works based on proximity to your location. Also, you can swipe right when you like someone!


This app has been around since 2007. Skout is a multipurpose app where people can make and meet new friends, find potential lovers, or even for hookups. There are no rules regarding the type of friendship with Skout. The company has over a decade of experience and a sizeable clientele too.


If you recently moved into a new neighborhood and you need to connect with people around you, Nextdoor gives you notifications of events within your location. This could be bake sales, yard sales, and so much more. It’s not expressly an app to find friends on, but it gives you leverage to integrate into your community.


This app has the word ‘friend’ in it, so it must be a friend-finding app, right? Correct. Friender offers a platform to build friendships. Based on your age, interests, and location, a match is made, and you can swipe accordingly and meet people with the same interests as yourself.


This app was created for moms. It enables them to meet with other mothers who understand the intricacies of motherhood to eliminate loneliness or deal with post-partum depression. It links you up with people on the same motherhood journey and makes you feel like you’re part of something.

These friendship finding apps have different purposes, but they all aim at introducing someone new into your life.