When your relationship is on the rocks, you often hear that you should go to couples therapy or marriage counseling. While these options are great, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their problems with a stranger. If you or your partner are in that situation, there is good news. There are other alternatives to therapy you can try that will strengehen your relationship. Below are five alternatives you can try before heading to counseling.

  1. Couple’s Retreat: Couple retreats are amazing. They are designed to get the two of you away from everything so you can focus on your relationship and fall “in love” all over again. Sometimes you can do it with just the two of you or with a group.
  2. Marriage Seminars: Marriage seminars are structured 1-day events where you go and learn about essential skills such as conflict resolution. Some are even as short as a few hours. You get a chance to be around other couples who are also working on their issues.
  3. Online Relationship Courses: If you enjoy E-learning courses, then online relationship courses may be just right for you. One of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to leave your home in order to make it happen.
  4. DIY Therapy At Home: This is just what the title says, therapy at home. The idea is to take self-help books and start applying the suggestions outlined inside.
  5. Date Nights: Having regular date nights is a great way to enjoy each other like you used to before marriage. Make these date nights a priority.

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