Whether you’re looking for your beau or you’re hitched, making dating fun provides you with better life experience and strengthens your relationship for a long-term commitment. Going on a date doesn’t have to mean heading off to a restaurant or grabbing drinks at the bar. And as cute as movie dates are, missing out on the beautiful summer nights might sometimes feel like a sin.

These five free date ideas aren’t elaborate ploys to get you both to enjoy the outdoors, but they will make your dates a lot more exciting than the typical fare.

1. Do an outdoor fitness class
A great choice? Yoga. As summer hits, more yoga instructors and studios host outdoor sessions in a green space. Check out the local calendar for your parks or hit up a yoga studio to ask. Often, you’ll be able to find a free class that you can both enjoy! Plus, so much healthier than a pizza date!

2. Rent bikes
Do a bike ride along a promenade or to a park. You can each pick an unknown destination you want to take your date to, and rock-paper-scissors who gets to lead whom where. Or, explore the neighborhood on your bikes!

3. Driving range or mini-golf
Mini-golf might feel a little played out, and if you’re in that camp, opt for a date at the driving range. It’s a little bit of competition focused on perfecting your form rather than play.

4. Bust out the grill
Plan a small BBQ dinner. Small, portable grills are inexpensive and make the perfect amount for dinner. Otherwise, look for a park near you with a park grill! Then, bring the groceries and charcoal and get to work together.

5. Volunteer together
Love dogs, but don’t have the means to own one yet? Consider volunteering at a local shelter and offer to walk their pups! Many shelters look for individuals who can walk their dogs outside. Doing good and making love grow—that’s a winning date!