Navigating a relationship is tricky. It doesn’t matter if you’ve dated multiple people or have dated no one- every relationship is different. But when it comes down to it: we all make mistakes. No one is perfect, and no relationship is perfect.

Every relationship comes with its own set of problems that need to be worked through. So if you’re finding yourself in a new relationship, these are the most common relationship mistakes you might catch yourself making:

Forgetting about your friends

Just because you get into a relationship doesn’t mean you should forget about your friends. Finding a balance between spending time with your friends and your significant other is key and the best way to maintain both relationships. Nothing is worse than losing a friend just because you got into a relationship. And it also means you’re not spending every waking moment with your partner.

Letting go of the romance

The honeymoon stage is called the honeymoon stage for a reason. And while the honeymoon stage lasts for different amounts of time for everyone, it’s essential not to let go of romance in a relationship. No matter how long you’ve been together, love and romance should still be an aspect of your relationship. Surprise them with flowers, go on dates, and be romantic with your partner, once in a while.

Being too controlling

Does anyone want to be told what they can or cannot do? Absolutely not, and that is why a controlling partner is something you want to avoid. Sure, compromises need to be made in every relationship, but that compromise shouldn’t come at the cost of being told what to do.

Avoiding confrontation

I can’t stress this enough: communication is vital. Arguing is a normal and healthy part of a relationship, but with arguing comes confrontation. Confrontation can be harsh, but you will never resolve a problem if you don’t talk it through with your partner. Just suck it up, face the music, and communicate.

Fighting all the time

While an occasional fight here and there is expected, fighting all the time is a red flag. If you catch yourself always fighting with your partner, it might be a good idea to take a step back and figure out what the root of the problem is. Fighting all the time is draining for you, your partner, and your friends and family.

Keeping secrets

A relationship without honesty is a relationship that will not work out in the long run. No one wants to wake up one day after dating someone for years and realize all these secrets their partner has been keeping from them. No matter how big or small the secret is, be honest with your partner from the start.

Not taking time for yourself

Just because you get into a relationship and have another person on your mind doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. Self-love is just as important when you date someone! Build some time into your schedule, in between dates and sleepovers, to spend some time with yourself.