Still basking in the afterglow of Valentine’s Day? Here’s one that’ll add more fuel to that romantic fire (or just annoy you if you’re feeling particularly cynical about love): Last week, Greek archaeologists announced that they discovered the skeletons of two people tangled in what looks like an embrace, in a cave in Diros, Greece. Senior excavation team member Anastassia Papathanassiou told the Associated Press that the couple was most likely in their 20s when they died while spooning.

The remains were actually discovered a few years ago, but was only publicized this week after a DNA test determined their sexes. They were found close to Alepotrypa Cave, a cave that contains the remains of a Stone Age village, and has been compared to Hades (the underworld). Over the past few years, Papathanassiou and her team have uncovered many skeletons of people who had been buried there.

They’re not sure yet how they died or if they’re related, but however it happened, they at least spent their last moments alive in a warm embrace. Creepy … but also kind of sweet!

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