If you and the love of your life have been together long enough to get past the honeymoon phase, your romance may have lost some of its initial excitement. Do you feel the desire to light a fire under your relationship? How about embarking upon a 30-day challenge to renew the spark? Try something sweet, such as sharing all the reasons you love your partner in a love note. Try something sexy, such as taking a bubble bath together.

The love experts at PopSugar have put together a list of adventures for you to try one at a time every day for a month. They call it a challenge; we just call it fun. Jump in at the beginning, middle or end. This list is inviting all who want to enhance the romance, whether you’ve been together for years or months.

The challenge may be useful if your relationship simply lacks heat. Problems may go deeper for couples who are beyond bored and on the edge of a breakup. The issues may be sensitive areas such as lack or trust or jealousy or infidelity. Working together on a plan to resolve feelings of anger or discomfort is a step toward bringing you back together.

Seeking counseling may be an option if your relationship is foundering in deep waters. A little spice may be just what you need if you are feeling stuck in a rut. Try our top ten, and then move on for the full 30-day challenge.

Tip 1: Get away from it all by renting a hotel room for a night. If a hotel doesn’t fit your budget, camp out in your backyard.

Tip 2: Unplug every device and enjoy one full day of each other with no social media, no computers, no phones and no iPad.

Tip 3: Go home at lunch time for sex.

Tip 4: Schedule a romantic date night for just the two of you with restaurant reservations and a movie. Make child arrangements in advance with sitters you trust for no distractions.

Tip 5: Find a mutual hobby and take a class together.

Tip 6: Indulge in new lingerie. Go on a sexy shopping trip together. Or each of you go solo, and then hold an intimate fashion show in the privacy of your own home.

Tip 7: Find a romantic movie or steamy book and the cuddle up together on the couch for a viewing or reading.

Tip 8: Stage a little PDA out in public. Hand holding and neck nuzzling are acceptable, but don’t go far enough to invite arrest.

Tip 9: If hyper-competitiveness is not one of your relationship issues, challenge each other to a board game.

Tip 10: Dance to some slow music.

Are you fired up and ready for the challenge? Find the whole adventurous list that will spice up your love life at PopSugar.