There’s no denying that balancing work and a social life can be tough. Work tends to take over your life, especially if you don’t set boundaries, and if you let your work life seep into your social life, it’s hard to go back from it. What’s even more difficult than balancing work and social life is when you have a relationship to boot. Relationships are hard work, they require time and dedication, and when work is demanding in itself, a relationship can be stressful.

There are many ways to balance work and a relationship, but it’s going to take time. No one knows how to balance the two right off the bat perfectly. There’s an adjustment period. First, you have to set boundaries. Make it a rule that when you’re not at work and are spending time together, actually be present in that moment. That means put your phone down, shut your computer screen, and be in the moment. The time you do have together might be limited, so it’s essential to make the most of it!

It’s also essential to make time for one another. Unless you work a job that demands you bring work outside of the office, leave work for work. Don’t make your job the topic of every discussion, and don’t focus on work when you’re with one another. Make time to spend with one another and avoid only talking about work when you’re together.

Fighting in relationships is inevitable. No one has the picture-perfect, ideal romance that we see in movies. Fighting is normal, and it’s bound to happen. It’s also bound to happen even more when you’re working and don’t have as much time to see one another. However, although fighting is inevitable, it’s important to forgive, apologize, and move on. One of the greatest things you can learn is that sometimes you have to swallow your pride and move on if you’re arguing with someone you love. If whatever you’re arguing about isn’t worth losing that person in your life- forgive, apologize, and move on.

Balancing work and a relationship is not easy, but with time and dedication, it’s possible.