If you’ve been divorced multiple times, it may be tempting to either:
a) stay in your current relationship to protect your image
b) avoid getting married ever again.

Some times things don’t work out as we wished – more than once. But that doesn’t mean you should be ashamed, and it definitely doesn’t mean you should suffer in a relationship that isn’t working. Here’s some advice from women who’ve married and divorced more than once.


#1 – Make decisions for yourself
If you are in a bad marriage and have been in bad marriages before, you may be tempted to stay in your current relationship just for the sake of your image. Because this is such a big life decision, you can’t stay in for the sake of what other people think. Do what will ultimately make you happy.

#2 – Get failure out of your head
Don’t see yourself as a failure because your marriages didn’t work. There are plenty of unhappy marriages where the two people don’t get along, but remain together.

#3 – Embrace the experience
If you change your outlook on what’s going on, you’re more likely to come out of the relationships with valuable lessons learned. You may have gotten other benefits from your marriage such as children, new friendships and even assets.

#4 – Don’t hold resentment
Regardless of how many times you’ve been married, don’t hold resentment towards your former partners nor towards yourself. If you want your next relationship to be healthy, you’ve got to go in with fresh eyes and an open heart. Otherwise, you’ll keep attracting what you don’t want and you’ll let negativity spill into new relationships.

Another piece of advice…if you see your marriages are failing, take time for yourself before jumping into another relationship. Relationship coach and dating expert, Michelle G suggests that you place all the attention on yourself for a while. Once you do, you’ll be able to see things you don’t want in a relationship much sooner before you commit.

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