The MTV VMAs are only a day away, so you’ve got 24 hours to catch up on all the music mayhem that’s escaped you during the past year. Here’s a little prep work to get in the mood while feasting on celeb fashion and beauty served up by the nominees. Then follow up by watching your favorites on the Sunday night awards show.

#1 Swoon Over the Turtleneck
The Twitter-sphere went crazy over Drake’s cozy ribbed turtleneck sweater—okay, and his dance moves—when “Hotline Bling” debuted. Who says we don’t savor a sartorial nod to ski instructors and English Lit professors, as long as the sweater wraps up the gift that is Drake?


#2 If Life Hands You Jewelry Worth $100,000, Make Lemonade
That’s just what Beyoncé did for her car ride in the “Formation” video. That’s Yeprem jewelry, by the way. Those statement necklaces that she wears during Lemonade to put a little icing on the cake? Those are a mere $3,400 worth of Dylanlex bling.

#3 Never Mind the Pony Tail
If Ariana Grande doesn’t miss her pony tail in her video “Into You,” then neither do we. Just keep on keeping on with the crop top and choker and Ariana will never miss a beat.

#4 The Cat Eyes Have It
Adele brought the cat eye back to the fashion front burner with her video “Hello“. Cleopatra may have started it all, and Elizabeth Taylor certainly reminded us and Richard Burton that ancient Egyptians were on to something. But nobody does it better today than Adele.

#5 Onesie Over the Top
Anybody else but Rihanna would have been swallowed up and forgotten if they had dared to don the ginormous onesie she put on for “This Is What You Came For“. But on Rihanna, the look was beyond sexy.

#6 Cameo, schmaeo. Can You Say Supermodel?
Calvin Harris may be old news to Taylor Swift, but Swift bestie Gigi Hadid is still making headlines with her cameo in the ex-boyfriend’s nominated video “How Deep Is Your Love“. You decide whether it’s her struts down the runway or her video appearances that make her the coolest supermodel. Thanks go to Swift, Cody Simpson and Miguel for giving her a star turn while they make music.

#7 Construction Worker Fashion
If one does “Work from Home“, of course one straps on tool belts over bodysuits and booty shorts. At least that’s the cue we’re taking from Fifth Harmony.

#8 Swim Style Face Off
Who won the best bikini contest? Was it the members of the DNCE Team in DNCE’s “Cake By the Ocean“? If you know of any bodies that wear them better, please let us know.

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