When you walk across the stage to receive that well earned degree, you’ll be leaving a whole world behind. Be sure to leave some of your clothes with it. Now that you’re a young professional it’s time to dress like one. Here’s a list of clothing certain style writers believe you should ditch once you leave college. Some we agree with, but not all of them. In fact, quite a few have received backlash ( possibly from people who are guilty of still wearing them). Check them out!

Matching outfits with friends.
This is cute when you’re at the sorority house, but once you’re out of there, please avoid going places dressed exactly like 3, 4 and 5 other people.


Maxi dresses and flats.
Some style writers believe that wearing flat shoes with long dresses just doesn’t go. You should opt for sandals instead. We don’t agree with this one. Flats work just fine and are totally practical.

Dresses with plastic belts.
If you want to show more form when wearing a dress simply add a belt, but not a plastic one. Depending on the look and color of the belt this look is actually okay.

Gym clothes.
Wearing gym clothes is perfect if you’re heading to and from a work out. Otherwise, the look comes across as totally out of place.

Pajama pants.
Once you leave college, wearing pajama pants out in public is a sure fire way to look like a slob. If you want to be comfortable, there are other types of clothes you can opt for.

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