Ah, a first date. How can something be absolutely exhilarating and terrifying at the same time? Once you get passed finding the right person, securing the date, figuring out where you’re going to go, and deciding on an outfit, comes the real daunting task- figuring out what you’re going to talk about. First dates can be nerve-wracking for a myriad of reasons, and the main one is the fear of not having anything to talk about. If you’re someone who has this same fear, it’s essential to take a deep breath and remember that the other person is in the same shoes as you. Take each moment by moment, and the conversation will flow- but remember, there are a few topics you definitely should stray away from. No one wants to go on a date with someone who doesn’t stop talking about themselves, so here is a little guide on a few topics you definitely shouldn’t discuss on a first date.

1Your exes

No date wants to hear, know, or think about your past relationships. Especially on a first date, the words “ex” “old boyfriend/girlfriend” or “past relationships” should never be uttered. It’s easy to accidentally bring them into a conversation, especially if it’s your first date back from a breakup- but seriously, try to talk about anything else besides your exes.


A first date doesn’t want to know how you make tons of money and drive a super nice car. They also don’t want to know that you just got laid off and are getting evicted out of your apartment. Money is a topic that will come up eventually between a couple, but for the first couple of dates, money should never be discussed.


There’s nothing anyone fears worse than accidentally getting into a political discussion on a first date that ends up with a screaming match and someone throwing a glass of water at the other. It’s happened before, and it’ll happen again if you dare to discuss politics on a first date. Even if you know for a fact that your date has the same political views as you, save the topic for a later time and talk about something a little bit lighter on a first date.

4Family issues

Discussing your issues, especially regarding family, is an important topic that should be discussed between couples as it helps them grow closer and stronger- but not on a first date. Save the tears and self-realization for later on in your relationship.


It goes the same for religion as it goes for politics- stay far, far away. Discussing religion on a first date could either go really good or really bad, but save yourself the heartbreak and discuss the topic on a later date.


It’s a first date, not your fifth anniversary. If you’re talking about marriage plans, kids, and your future together on a first date, your date is probably going to be a little freaked out.


Whether that means drama between your friends, family, or in your workplace- avoid the topic of drama altogether. You don’t want to come across as a gossip to a first date as that can make you look self-absorbed and immature, even if you’re not. Talking about drama is exciting for you as you know the people involved, but for a date who probably doesn’t know anyone, the topic is a real snooze.

The key to a good first date is simple: be true to yourself. And avoid these topics. Follow those simple two rules, and a date with the right person is bound to go right.