The holiday season is a time of giving, but sometimes figuring out WHAT to give can be tough. You can know someone better than they know themselves and still struggle finding the perfect gift. Maybe you’ve been together for so long you’ve already gotten them every gift they could ever want, or perhaps you really don’t know how to shop for a boy- regardless, finding a gift for a boyfriend is hard. So, here are some holiday gifts every boyfriend is bound to adore:

Personalized Wallet

Because a brand new wallet never hurt anybody. Plus, it’s personalized, making it all the more meaningful.

Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa jackets are definitely in style for men this winter, so treating your man to a good quality one is a great gift.

Shaving Kit

It’s no secret men aren’t the best at self-care, so a self-care set with a shaving kit is a unique gift idea.

Sports Game Tickets

Getting your boyfriend tickets to his favorite sports game is never, ever a bad gift idea.

Cuff Links

A good quality pair of cuff links is something that every man needs, regardless of if they know it or not.

Whiskey Glasses and Decanter

A classy, timeless gift for a boyfriend that is going to come in handy for the rest of their lives.

Apple Watch

Versatile, easy to use, and stylish. An apple watch is a perfect gift for a boyfriend who needs an upper hand in the tech world.

Duffle Bag

Get your boyfriend a nice travel duffle bag so they’ll stop using the one their mom lent them ten years ago.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are getting more and more advanced so that you can get your boyfriend a speaker + Siri all in one.

Professional Camera

If your boyfriend has been talking about getting into photography for some time but has never made a move, this is a great gift.

Waterproof Backpack

So he can finally let go of the backpack he’s been using since high school.

Bar Cart

A bar cart is a great gift if he’s just moved into a new place- or if he just suddenly got an urge to learn how to bartend.

Nintendo Switch

He can play a ton of different games on the Nintendo Switch- and you can even join in on some, too.

Weekend Trip

Sometimes the best gift isn’t something tangible. It’s a weekend getaway for just the two of you.


Get your boyfriend a stylish pair of sunglasses as a subtle way to get him to throw away his old ones finally.


Whether it’s the new AirPod Pros or over-ear headphones, a good quality pair of headphones is always a good idea.

Wall Decor

Get him some of his favorite posters already framed and ready to hang up, and so you have a little bit of say in his house decor.

Espresso Maker

Imagine waking up every morning being able to make your own freshly brewed espresso? Yeah, your boyfriend will be thankful.


Getting your boyfriend a beautiful cookware set is the subtle nudge he might need to get into cooking finally.


Combine a nice tie and cufflinks for a timeless and useful gift set that will not disappoint.