We could all do to spend a little more time getting in touch with our creative side. Why not do it in bed? The UK is on full alert after an announcement that Marmite — a thick, dark brown, extremely salty food spread made from yeast extract — will be making its way to sex toy shelves with a new edible body paint. Um, yum?

If you’re looking to get frisky and dabble in finger paints this Valentine’s Day, then body paint is the sex toy for you. If you don’t want to go the yeasty British paste route, we’ve found a few other options for you:

Stroke It

Stroke It Body Paint by EatMeIntimates ($8.95) 

Where better to buy food than a DIY website? This warming chocolate is made with fair trade cocoa and comes in flavors from s’mores to chocolate bacon. It’s also fair trade, so if your partner isn’t turning you on, just remember – s/he’s is a humanitarian. 

Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra Body Soufflé ($18.99) 

It’s gotta be sacreligious if you have a bad time using a Kama Sutra-brand product. According to the product description, this body soufflé “encourages body exploration through the fine art of sensual massage.” Heads up: sensual massage means you can also eat it. The soufflé comes in chocolate créme brulée, strawberry creme, and French vanilla. 

Body Finger Paints
Body Finger Paints

Edible Body Finger Paints ($11.53) 

Remember when you were a little kid with a vivid imagination and loved to fingerpaint? Now, as a randy adult, you can recapture some of that creativity with adult finger paints. These are made for the body and are also fine to eat. They come in the four fruity flavors of apple, cherry, strawberry and blueberry. One con: this product is not eligible for Amazon Prime. 


Marmite Body Paint (Coming Soon) 

Ok, let’s talk about Marmite. This brand’s slogan is “Love it or hate it,” so maybe you’ll love it? The “edible and spreadable” body paint is in conjunction with a London sex shop for use during your more intimate moments. If you’re dating a Brit, you have until Valentine’s Day 2016 to make a very hard decision. Bonus: it comes with a painbrush that looks like it’ll double as a eyeshadow applicator. 

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