No one is in the mood for sex all the time. We’ve all been in the situation where your partner wanted to get it on, and you weren’t interested, and vice versa. And although being told by your partner that they aren’t in the mood to have sex with you can feel insulting at first, there are a lot of reasons why someone might not want to have sex, and you should never question or push your partner into sex.

If you’re going through a period where sex isn’t appealing to you- or you feel your partner is- here are a few reasons why:

1Birth Control

Although birth control helps protect against pregnancy, birth control can also lower testosterone levels which can lower your libido.


Some people find that sex can be a stress reliever, but at the same time, a stressful day can lower your sex drive. When you have a bunch of stuff to do, you might find it challenging to find time to have sex.

3It’s Painful

If you’re finding that sex is painful for you, there are many ways to help the situation. Using a lubricant can help with being dry down there, and menopause is another cause of painful sex. If the pain persists, however, you should head to a doctor.


Medication is a huge reason for lowered sex drive, especially anti-anxiety drugs. If you’re finding yourself to not be in the mood, look into the side effects of any medication you’re taking.

5You’re Tired

Having sex can energize your body and mind, but it can also seriously tire you out. Having sex after a long and exhausting day is not ideal for everyone, so if you find yourself not in the mood after a tiring day, that could be why.