Summer is the best time to take it outside. Warm weather opens up a whole new realm of entertainment that can enhance your romance. Enjoy getting to know your guy while having fun with some of these summer date ideas. Explore the active ones if you don’t yet know him well and you want to keep the date moving. Indulge in the slower-paced ideas if you desire an easy opportunity for romance.

Go for a bike ride.

Whether you peddle aimlessly in the park or speed along deserted trails, a ride leaves no time for any awkward moments. Make the pace leisurely, and you’ll have the opportunity for a good conversation.

Take a walk on the beach.

There’s plenty of free entertainment in people-watching at the beach. Splashing in the ocean with your clothes on is so very sexy. How wet can you get and get away with it?

Go fly a kite.

Take advantage of those gusts that blow up off the ocean. See who can keep a kite up longest in the breeze. The winner buys hot dogs.

Bask in a bonfire.

Nothing says romance like a bonfire on the beach at the end of a long day in the surf and sand.

Check out the kiddie rides at a summer county fair.

Release your inner children together. Roller coasters can take the excitement of your relationship to new heights.

Take it retro and go to a drive-in movie.

The temperature may drop after the highs of the day, but you can always heat things back up. Privacy is a plus.

Find a mini golf course.

Playing a round is a great way to learn about your guy’s personality. How does he handle the stress of tapping a tiny ball through the moving arms of a windmill?

Explore the local farmers market.

Here’s a way to learn his favorite foods while you nibble your way amid the aisles of local produce specialties.

Rock the night away at an outdoor concert.

Now is a great time to sample the bands that go on the road during the summer season.

Go for ice cream.

Something as simple as making an event out of stopping by your local ice cream stand gives you a moment to bond.


A chance to explore new trails comes along with time to talk as you enjoy the beauty of nature.

Try wine tasting.

If you are lucky enough to live close to a winery, make it a day trip. Plan a cozy weekend getaway to wine country if not.

Take an outdoor exercise class.

Try out tai chi or yoga together in the park. You’ll get the benefit of exercise in a fun setting.

Celebrate sundown.

Take a picnic supper to a spot you know will be fabulous at sunset. Choose the beach, the highest point in a park or your favorite sunset pier. The food will taste even better when you indulge in romantic alone time. Bring a beach blanket in case temperatures cool off and you need to cuddle as you gaze at the stars.