We’re used to seeing our friends daily. Nights out, dinner dates, or even just hanging out at each other’s houses. But unfortunately, quarantine has made that not an option anymore. But while we may not be able to hang out with our friends in real life, we can still spend time with them- virtually, of course. We may call it social distancing, but the distancing is really just physical. If you’re looking for exciting ways to hang out your friendships during quarantine, try one of these out:

Make vlogs for each other

Bring out your inner YouTuber and create your own vlogs to share with friends. Are you baking a new recipe? Make it into a cooking video and share it with your friends. Ordered a bunch of clothes online? Do a haul! Odds are your friends are curious about what’s going on in your life.

Watch movies with Netflixparty

You might not be able to have movie nights in real life, but you can definitely still have them virtually! Netflix created a chrome extension that enables you to watch a movie at the same time with your friends and message about it on a chat bar on the side. Grab your own snacks, and it’s like you’re actually together!

Video chat

You can use FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Houseparty, or any of the other video chat sites out there to virtually hang out with your friends. You can do many things together while video chatting, like baking or working out.

Learn TikTok dances together

If you aren’t spending all your time on TikTok this quarantine, what are you doing? Make a TikTok dance contest with your friends and challenge each other to a dance-off.

Have a virtual sweat session

Get on houseparty with your friends and host a virtual workout session. You can motivate each other and create fun workout routines. Make it a regular thing to keep each other healthy and active!

Virtual happy hour

We’re all heartbroken about not being able to go to happy hour with our friends, but that just means we must bring the happy hour to us. Get on video chat with your friends, grab a glass of wine or make a fun cocktail, and host your own virtual happy hour.