We’ve all heard that many people in relationships tend to grow apart as the years pass, but what if growing apart was the best way to strengthen the relationship?

It’s easy for a long-term relationship to feel as if it’s hit its limits in newness, mystery, and spontaneity. Many people believe that a relationship might as well be over when this happens. And to mend this particular problem, many people will attempt to rectify the issue by turning attention towards the other person. You may feel as if you need to work together with your partner to fix the issues.

While it’s important to address issues with your partner and communicate thoroughly and often, it is also essential to make sure that you feel fulfilled. Growth is something we all have to focus on through the years. No one wants to remain stagnant, not in a career, relationship, or otherwise.

Growing apart from someone may very well be in the cards if you don’t grow as an individual in a relationship. Sometimes your boyfriend or girlfriend may not want to do the things that you like to. Sometimes it’s even best to do things on your own regardless of whether your partner also wants to participate.

The same new feelings experienced at the start of a relationship can be experienced by new ventures into worlds you never thought you would enter. The idea of pottery may have always seemed rather unexciting. Still, the experience of being in a class, making a work of art all on your own is something that can give anyone a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. The rush of whirling down the path near the largest lake in town might be something you always thought about doing but never committed to daily.

Taking up new activities or revisiting old ones is a fantastic way to experience achievement, marvel, and excitement. Doing it alone can be even more satisfactory. We all are individuals first and romantic partners second. It’s worth considering that we all need to feel excited about our lives outside of our relationships to make our relationships more exciting for all parties.

Relationships are subject to a plethora of problems, and we all experience them. But finding joy in our own work and hobbies can help to grease the wheels and keep the car moving. If both partners meet their needs for excitement, accomplishment, and exploration alone, they can come together and bond over that shining feeling.

These activities in our lives give us reason to work hard, be busy, and get the most out of life. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.