You might hear that name a lot more often lately, thanks in part to “The Goop Labs” docu-series on Netflix. Betty Dodson first came to New York City in the ‘50s hoping to become an artist. What began as a career in the arts, ended in a divorce and a booming sexual liberation empire inspiring women to shed the shame and embrace the Magic Wand.

Betty doesn’t look, sound or act a day over 60, so you’ll be surprised to know she’s 90. Her work in feminist sex-education allowed countless women achieve the elusive task of a full female orgasm, whether solo or with a partner, in addition to keeping her looking young and feeling spry. According to studies, it’s possible that 5-10% of women never achieve an orgasm in their life.

Betty set out to make sure no woman blames herself or shames her body for the inability to achieve the release. She developed what’s called the Betty Dodson Method in the late 1960s, combining a unique approach of rocking the pelvis while stimulating the clitoris and using breathwork. A 2008 study put the method to the test by enrolling 500 women with anorgasmia to use the technique. A full 465 out of the 500 could achieve orgasm using the method.

Thinking of trying it yourself? If you can’t get to one of Betty’s workshops, you’ll at least need her weighted dildo for vaginal penetration. Think of it like a small weight for your pelvic muscle. Carlin Ross, Betty’s business partner and lawyer-turned-sexuality advocate, demonstrates the technique in Episode 3 of “The Goop Lab” by starting with an oil-based lubricant. She inserts the weighted dildo into the vagina as she strokes the clitoris with oiled hands and focuses on breathing.

While the thought of masturbating in front of a camera crew is making you scream, Ross is clearly past the overthinking stage with her body. Betty gently coaches as Ross continues to masturbate before achieving a real orgasm on camera, leaving viewers wondering what kind of magic Betty’s selling. This is some empowering sexual education bound to keep more women in bed on the weekends.