As straightforward as it sounds, dirty talking in bed can be intimidating. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life and turn on your partner, but knowing what to say and actually saying it are two very different things. It’s best to start simple before venturing into something really kinky, so if you’re planning on dirty talking the next time you have sex, try starting with these:


An easy, straightforward way to start. And nothing turns you on more than knowing you’re doing a good job, right? “You’re so hot” and “I love it when you touch me like that” are good starting points.

Tell them what you want

Be bold and tell your partner exactly what you want them to do to you. Odds are it’ll turn them on more than you think, and they’ll know exactly how to please you. Try saying something like, “I want you to take control” or “touch me here.”

Talk about your fantasies

Dirty talk and fantasies often go hand in hand, and if you’re feeling bold, bringing up a fantasy is a good idea. As long as you and your partner feel comfortable around each other, why not bring up a fantasy you’ve always dreamed of?

Tell them what you will do

Don’t just do it to your partner- tell them what you will do first. Whisper what you’re about to do in your partner’s ear right before you do it and watch them light up before your eyes.

Describe how you feel

Be as vocal as you can be! Tell your partner how you honestly feel. The more honest it is, the easier it will come out. Try saying something like, “I like when you touch me like that” or “it feels so good when you…”

Don’t use words

Okay, this one is cheating because it’s not exactly “dirty talking,” but it will definitely turn your partner on! Moaning during sex is a super-easy way to venture into dirty talk because of how naturally it happens. Plus, it’s a great way to tell your partner they’re doing an excellent job without actually saying anything.