An open relationship is a term that has been quite common in society in the past few years. The meaning behind the phrase is confusing, as it can mean something different for every couple. But simply put, an open relationship is a relationship where both people see other people- there is no monogamy — starting to understand it a little bit more?

The most important part of an open relationship is that both people understand that it is open. To some couples, an open relationship means only having sex with other people but nothing romantic. But to other couples, an open relationship can mean having other relationships entirely, both physically and emotionally. Asking your partner to be in an open relationship can be a daunting task if you aren’t sure how they are going to respond. But if you’re feeling like monogamy isn’t working out, here are some signs that an open relationship might be right for your relationship:

Neither of you is into monogamy

You should never beg your partner to be in an open relationship if they aren’t interested in it. Monogamy works for some people, and it doesn’t for others, and trying to persuade someone to be in an open relationship isn’t going to work out well. However, if both you and your partner have made it clear and communicate about your mutual interest in being with other people, that’s a different story. An open relationship means that both people want to be with other people. Otherwise, that’s just cheating.

You have good communication skills

One of the most critical parts of being in an open relationship is having excellent communication skills. Every couple has different rules for an open relationship, and it’s crucial to establish those rules before actually hooking up with someone else. You might develop a rule of how many times you can hook up with the same person or off-limits individuals to take into consideration. You also can’t be afraid to voice your honest feelings and emotions to your partner. So if you’re someone with communication issues, an open relationship might not work out for you.

Neither of you is the jealous type

Sure, the first few times your partner hooks up with someone else, you might get hit with a small pang of jealously. But if that jealously continues to linger or turns into bigger fits, then that is probably a sign of reconsidering the open relationship. Slight jealously is natural when it comes to an open relationship, but that jealously needs to be communicated to your partner. Jealously connects back to the need for proper communication- if you never talk and discuss any jealousy with your partner, it will never be resolved.

You care about each other’s happiness

A relationship is about making sure both people are happy, right? And if that happiness is linked to the need for an open relationship, then that is a good sign of giving it a try. You and your significant other are each other’s primary partners, which means you should put each other’s happiness first before anyone else. A mutual understanding of love and respect for one another is crucial.

You’re both looking to explore, sexually

Different people have different standards for an open relationship. And although for some, being open can mean having entirely separate relationships, most commonly being open means just having sex with other people. Often ,bringing in emotions to the picture can make being open more complicated. But, if you’re able to separate emotions from sex than being open might work for you. You and your partner can still care for and love each other deeply and want to explore sexually with other people. So if that is something you have discussed and communicated with each other, an open relationship is probably a good idea.