With the rise of casual sex and the pressure from society, there can be a stigma about being a virgin in college. But there is no reason to feel ashamed or left out, and you can still explore and enjoy your college life.

Stand by your choices

College is nothing like the movies! You will meet all kinds of people and go to a lot of parties, but whatever your reason was to be a virgin up to this point, it inevitably means a lot to you. This is why it’s essential to feel comfortable with the person you choose to lose your virginity with. Don’t rush into it or feel pressured to do something you are not ready for. Know your boundaries, respect them, and make sure that others respect them as well.

Enjoy college life

There is no reason not to flirt with that cute boy or girl you meet at a party. Many sexually inexperienced college students avoid parties as they feel that all interactions end with sex. This is not the case in reality, and it is you who decides how far you want to go. Don’t be afraid to say no to things you are not prepared for, but don’t let the fear of not being accepted prevent you from having fun.

Your real friends will support you

If you decide to share this with your friends, their support will showcase how good of a friend they are. Friends should respect your decisions and be happy for you.

Respect your body

Whatever you decide to do is okay, and there is no shame in sex or the absence of it. To make sure you are making the right decisions. Get in sync with your body and respect it. Don’t force yourself into something you are not mentally or physically prepared for.

There is no rush

Losing your virginity isn’t a race. It isn’t about who is first to get to the finishing point, which is why you should instead focus on the journey. What is the right time for someone else might not be the right time for you, and that’s okay. Allow your self to relax and don’t stress too much and enjoy the journey.