This weekend, Lance Bass, formerly of the ill-conceived poster on my bedroom wall and supergroup NSYNC, married Michael Turchin at the Park Plaza Hotel in LA. According to Page Six, all members of NSYNC except Justin Timberlake were in attendance. Joey Fatone was the ringbearer, JC Chasez sang during the couple’s first dance and Chris Kirkpatrick…well, Chris didn’t have a job but he was in attendance. Timberlake is on his 2020 Tour in the South, but since when is your successful solo career an excuse?The wedding was filmed for an E! special airing on February 5, so we won’t have to wait long to see Lisa Vanderpump as a bridesmaid in “a ridiculous mermaid-style green dress.”But don’t feel too bad that JT skipped the big day. Kris Jenner, never one to miss an E! special, was there instead.Related Articles:Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: Can Breakups Lead to Marriage