New boutique fitness studios seem to open every day, giving us so many options that you’d be lying if you said you couldn’t at least find one type of exercise you enjoy.Looking at Google’s U.S. search data from this past year, we were actually surprised to find a few workouts we had never heard of. And then, there were a few that any regular Pinterest-peruser could easily guess would make it to the top 10.At first we had one question: Where’s Crossfit? And then we realized the cult-like fitness craze was definitely the initiator behind piquing interest in many of these Googled workouts, since a few are traditionally found in a typical Crossfit session. Here, the most searched-for workouts from this past year:10. 5×5 WorkoutCalled the Stronglifts 5×5, this is a bodybuilding workout method. It’s based off five free weight exercises: squats, bench press, deadlift, overhead press and barbell row, and the workout includes doing five sets of five, hence the 5×5 title. The goal is to add weight to your workouts, by starting light, focusing on proper form and adding a small amount of weight to each workout. You switch up which three of the five workouts you do each workout, but for every workout, you always do squats. Because obviously squats are a body-sculpting miracleworker. Learn more about the 5×5 workout here.9. Burpee WorkoutIf you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you can’t help but see burpee workouts and challenges taking over your feed. They even sent out a burpee-themed email recently. As one of the more popular Crossfit exercises, and a workout most people loathe during and thank profusely after, it’s not too surprising the full-body move made the cut. Here’s how to do the perfect burpee.8. Body BeastThe Body Beast Workout promises to give you the lean, chiseled physique you want in 90 days, with as little as 30 minutes per day, and less than $50. The site is complete with before and after photos of people who went from soft and doughy to super ripped and muscular. The workout comes along with a Body Beast eating plan, motivational photos ,and quotes of a super-jacked male model body builder superhuman Terminator lookalike.7. Tabata WorkoutThe Tabata workout is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that lasts only four minutes. Based on research by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata, the four minutes go as such: 20 seconds of working out hard, and then 10 seconds of rest. Do this 8 times, and you’ll have reached your four minutes. The 20 seconds of high-intensity working out can be any exercise you want, from squats to push-ups, pull-ups, or even rows. HIIT has become more popular in the past year, especially from workouts like Crossfit, which focuses on exhausting a muscle by doing one move as intensely as possible in a specific time frame.6. Kettleball WorkoutFun fact: They’re called kettlebells, not balls. But apparently most of America doesn’t know that. The No. 6 most Googled fitness term is simply a large ball-shaped weight with a handle on it. Incorporated into a workout, especially more cardio-focused moves, kettlebells are an incredible way to add strength and build muscle. Try these kettlebell exercises from our friends at Greatist.5. P90XTony Horton’s famous P90X workout that brought HIIT workouts into our homes still held its own in the fitness world this year. This 90-day program follows a specific rotation, so that your musles are always guessing and always changing—known as “muscle confusion.” It includes everything from yoga, plyometrics and upper body work, to the well-known “Ab Ripper X” that you’re supposed to do three times each week, on top of your other prescribed regimen.4. 7 Minute WorkoutThe New York Times published its Scientific 7-Minute Workout last May, and since then, has come out with an advanced version and an app. The workout is based on research that shows short, high-intensity workouts can give the same benefits as longer, moderate endurance-based workouts. The 7-minute workout includes 12 different moves, which should be done for 30 seconds at a discomfort level of about 8 out of 10, with 10-second rests in-between each exercise in the circuit.3. PiYo Workout“PiYo” stands for pilates and yoga, and describes a workout regimen that combines the muscle-sculpting done in Pilates with the strength and flexibility benefits of yoga. No weights are involved, making this workout very low-impact and marketable to people of all ages and fitness levels. The moves are done in “flowing” sequences, speeding everything up a bit and upping your heart rate for great calorie-burning potential.2. T25 WorkoutThe Focus T25 program promises to give you an hour’s worth of results in just 25 minutes. The whole schtick is that we are all pressed for time, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to not work out and have the body you want…because you can do it all in this short 25 minutes! It’s touted as “focus interval training,” and it’s full of high-intensity, full-body moves without any rest in-between. Just survive for 25 minutes straight, and you too can be super slim and ripped. No wonder everyone and their mother is Googling this.1. InsanityComing in at No. 1 is the tried and true Insanity workout. It’s referred to as one of the hardest workouts ever, with claims to pack a year’s worth of results into 60 days. If you’ve ever tried one of the workouts in this DVD set, you can attest to how hard it is (I did one, and never did one again). Max interval training is, well, pretty insane, leaving you only enough time to take a quick breath before moving into the next strenuous move. Your body is constantly being pushed to its limits, so it never has time to get comfortable — that whole idea of muscle confusion again. It uses all body weight, so no equipment is necessary. Just you and your willingness to suffer for a nice set of abs.More From Our 2014 Year-End Roundup: The Most Popular Recipes of 201425 Health Studies from 2014 That Women Need to KnowThe 7 Most Important Butt Moments of 2014Beyoncé’s 7 Hottest Hair & Makeup Looks of 2014The 10 Most Glowing Pregnant Ladies of 2014