Valentine’s Day should fall in late Spring, when soft breezes caress your face just as your lover does. Somebody messed up and landed the officially designated most romantic day of the year right smack in that part of the calendar when the weather is lousy. Historians say we link Valentine’s Day to romance because in medieval times folks believed birds chose their mates on February 14th. Human lovebirds in the Middle Ages seized on the idea and recited poetry to their beloveds in honor of the day. Go ahead with the recitation if that’s to your taste but add some more indoor V-Day activities that will keep you out of the cold and heat up your romance.

Go stargazing.

You probably won’t be spreading out a blanket on the grass to gaze upward at the stars when temps are plummeting downward, so head to the nearest planetarium for a romantic viewing of the night sky. You’ll be comfy, and you’ll find the seating is cozier than the cold, hard ground.

Picnic in front of the fire.

When it’s too cold for a picnic outside, throw a log on the fire or get the Netflix Fireplace for Your Home on your TV. Load up a picnic basket with oysters and Champagne and enjoy the mood and yummies with your loved one. No ants will threaten you good times.

Pamper with a spa night.

Let him paint your toes for an at-home mani/pedi after you give him a facial. Then reverse roles. You’ll both end up with glowing skin and a pampered feeling. Spa night calls for a massage for both of you, and that’s a fine idea for a Valentine’s date.

Satisfy your sweet tooth.

Head for the kitchen and whip up your favorite dessert to sweeten the mood. Something as simple as strawberries dipped in chocolate or as decadent as Devil’s Food cake would make you very happy, and isn’t that the point of a romantic date? Or go out to a restaurant and order an elaborate pastry you would never try to create at home.

Turn snow into your playground.

Take advantage of the winter wonderland if it snows on Feb.14th. Stroll through the drifts and leave your footprints in the snow. Go sledding in the park. Have a snowball fight. Build a snowman. Half the fun is snuggling up afterward to get warm.

Binge on movies and takeout.

Keep the cuddling going as you try to get through a new Netflix mini-series in one night. Order takeout food and pig out. The first one who falls asleep loses the movie marathon challenge.

Break out a board game.

A Valentine’s date can be awkward when the relationship is new and you are both searching for things to talk about. Bring out your favorite board game from childhood. You’ll laugh and bond as hints of uneasiness melt away.