The notoriously shitty Michigan government continues to send us back in time: The Republican-led House of Representatives this weekend passed a “license to discriminate” bill that will allow almost anyone the right to refuse service to LGBT people as long as they claim religious reasons. And yes, that includes even life-saving medical services.Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, LGBT folks could be denied services by any health care worker, such as an EMT or pharmacist, or business owner who claims “deeply held religious beliefs.”  According to The Advocate, that could include such dire services as a pharmacist providing HIV medicine or a landlord refusing to rent to a single mother.Progressive groups like the American Civil Liberties Union have criticized the bill, noting that the U.S. Constitution already protests religious freedom in the First Amendment and there is no need to ‘restore’ religious freedom. The ACLU told Michigan site MLive that similar laws in other states have resulted in pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control or to provide the morning-after pill.The bill will now head to the Republican-led State Senate (where we hope it dies).