Would you move for love? Well, if you’re a woman in your mid-30s and you think you’ve found “the one,” chances are high you’ll move your life for them. And if you feel moving apartments in your city is stressful, try moving over 500 miles for someone you love! 44% of the respondents in a recent study made a move over 500 miles for their partner.

We’re living in a society used to drastic changes and quick moves, and moving long distances for your soul-mate is catching up with our technological advances. If you’re in a committed relationship but not quite at the stage where you’re both ready for an “I do,” moving for a partner who received a big promotion might seem hasty. After all, you have your own life to lead! Who knows what the future brings?

According to the Bellhops report, “60% of the people whose conversations involved moving for love are now married or in a longterm relationship.” If you want to put a ring on it, trust your gut with that call to move for your soul mate! The keyword here: gut.

If you’re on the fence about the prospect of you staying together, you should take your time in the decision. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, and many couples experienced breakups after drastic moves due to the stress. Consider some of the following questions before taking the plunge:

Is our relationship rocky already?

A move will only exacerbate any problems your relationship already faces. If you’re experiencing tension in your relationship, make sure to step back and consider the stress you’ll be introducing with the move. It might seem like it’s a fresh start, but you’ll just be bringing old problems to a new place.

How will you deal with your career?

If you and your partner share financial responsibility, you need to evaluate whether you can survive as a couple on one income if you need to find a job. The area should have enough opportunity for your job needs, not only your partner’s. If worst comes to worst, you should have a decent job prospect you can fall back on to support yourself.

Are you prepared to leave your life behind?

Unless you’re moving to a place where you know the people around you, most likely, your partner will become your supporting pillar. Ask yourself whether you can leave behind your friends, family, and coworkers. Be realistic with yourself and truly consider what it might be like living in a place you’re unfamiliar with. If you are 100% aligned with your partner and you both share the same vision, it might be easier for you to adapt to the change with them.

What IS your vision for your relationship?

You need to be clear with your partner about your future goals and plans. If you’d like to get engaged and married, make sure your partner knows. You cannot move across the country for the absolute unknown and expect everything to work out without a hitch. If your partner isn’t as keen on your future goals with you, you might want to discuss how they see their future with you.