Rejecting someone can be just as hard as getting rejected. Sometimes the timing isn’t right, and sometimes you really don’t like or see a future with the person. Either way, rejection is harsh. But at the same time, rejection is necessary. You don’t want to be the jerk that ghosted someone, so you’re better off just sucking it up and being honest with someone about how you feel.

Some people have no problem being straight up with a person and saying hey, it was nice knowing you but things aren’t going to work out between us. Most of us, on the other hand, quiver at the thought of doing so. Rejecting someone can be so scary because most of us have been rejected in the past, and we know how bad it feels. It also can be scary because you have no clue how the other person is going to react. In a perfect world, the person you’re rejecting will be nice about it and maybe ask a few questions- but unfortunately, a lot of people react by crying, yelling, or getting angry.

Ghosting someone is not the right option, because if you’ve ever been blown off by someone you like (we’ve all been there), it sucks more than getting rejected in the first place. Blowing someone off by ignoring them out of nowhere will do way more harm than just being honest.

Telling someone you’re not interested in them is a pretty simple task when it comes down to it. Just sit down with them somewhere quiet (yes, breaking up via text is easier but always more painful for the other person) and tell them that things were not working out between you. Be kind and respectful of their feelings, because well, we all know getting rejected is tough. And as long as you’re kind and honest, all you could ever wish is that they respond the same way back.

So next time you’re thinking of blowing off that guy you got drinks with a few times instead of telling him how you really feel, put yourself in his shoes and remember: would I want someone to do that to me?