We all love a good podcast to feel your best or overcome some of your emotional struggles. A good sex life can make all the difference in growing your self-esteem and sexual confidence.

The following seven healthy sex podcasts empower and inspire when it comes to your self-confidence and sex life:

Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen
Juliet Allen is a sexologist, coach, tantra practitioner, and host of the Authentic Sex podcast. She has a solid reputation for being bold and straight-to-the-point. Her show talks mostly about healthy sex education and lifestyle advice.
Available on https://soundcloud.com/julietallen

Consider Before Consuming
Thanks to decades of studies from major institutions, there’s an ever-growing body of research showing significant adverse impacts of porn consumption for our mind and sex life.
Available on https://podtail.com/en/podcast/consider-before-consuming/

Sex with Emily
Emily Morse is a sex & relationship expert, author, talk show host, & Bravo TV star. Sex with Emily is her podcast about sex, relationships, and everything in between, her constructive advice and positive spirit ranks her as one of the top sex talk shows.
Available on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP8DrlI2aBPcRs29VbDvgzQ

Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics
Discover how to have the amazing sex you crave. The Pleasure Mechanics, Chris and Charlotte, are your hosts for explicit yet soulful conversations about sex.
Available on https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/speaking-of-sex

Off the cuffs; a kink and BDSM podcast
For those who are a little less curious about sexual health and a bit more interested (and curious) in the different sex practices around the world. This podcast is very informative and very mind-blowing at times too!
Available on https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/off-the-cuffs

Project Pleasure
Anouszka and Frankie are putting the pleasure back into safe sex and healthy relationships. Learn how to express your sexuality in a special and loving relationship with your partner with this podcast.
Available on https://www.roundhouse.org.uk/transmission/radio-shows/project-pleasure/

Awakened Intent Podcast With Chris Bale
Bringing truth, clarity & consciousness. Listen to Awakened Intent Podcast with Chris Bale for more information about sexuality and how women are a big and influential part of the sex health movement.
Available on https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/awakened-intent-podcast-with-chris-bale/id993753141