In any waist management plan, you can stay satisfied. Not in the form of a dripping double cheeseburger but in the form of safe, healthy monogamous sex. Sex and hunger are regulated through the brain chemical NPY. Some have observed that having healthy sex could help you control your food intake; by satisfying one appetite center, you seem to satisfy the other.QUIZ: Sexual SatisfactionApples (sweet breath)Also helping your waistline is the fact that eating certain healthy foods may improve your sex life. This sex-oriented shopping list will spice up your kitchen, and your bedroom. Here are some anecdotal reports that kept recurring to enough people to potentially have some validity…

  • Asparagus (rich in Vitamin E), which helps hormone building
  • Bananas (contain bromelain, an enzyme believed to improve male libido)
  • Celery (contains the hormone androsterone, a turn-on when it’s released in male sweat)
  • Garlic (contains allicin, an ingredient that increases blood flow to the sexual organs)
  • Nutmeg (greatly increases sexual activity…in rats)
  • Oysters (high in zinc, which helps produce testosterone)
  • Wild yams (may increase genital sensitivity)

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