Whether you consider yourself to be an expert or a beginner in the field, there are likely some sex terms you have not heard of before. We are here to introduce you to new terms, which might inspire you to change something up.


This term stands for the person who enjoys tickling others. If you hate being tickled, finding a partner with this fetish might not be the best idea.

Water Sports

This one may sound innocent, but it has a different meaning when used in the bedroom. This term refers to using urine in an erotic sense. A term that stands for one partner urinating on the other is the golden shower.


This term stands for checking how your partner is doing after sexual intercourse and if they enjoyed everything you did. This is extremely important and should always be done.


Retifism stands for being sexually aroused by shoes. People who have this fetish often like to see their partner in high heels.

Rusty Trombone

This one is the act of performing both a hand job and rim job at the same time on your partner.


Sexercism stands for trying to get over your ex-partner by sleeping with someone else.


Fellatio is sometimes followed by teabagging, which represents the act of placing a scrotum into the women’s mouth or on her face.


Pompoir refers to the practice of using your vaginal muscles to stimulate your partner during intercourse.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklace stands for a male ejaculating on the woman’s neck and décolletage. Semen should represent the pearl necklace. If this isn’t your cup of tea, maybe stick to the regular pearls.

Impact Play

This type of kink refers to inflicting pain on the body, like whipping and spanking.


Queening refers to sitting on your throne like a queen, or as you will, sitting on your partner’s face.


More and more women love rocking their pubic hair and using it as a form to express their feminism. Pubephilia stands for sexual attraction to pubic hair.